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Summer Gardens

Summer so nice in the Hotel grounds.

Our 3.5 acres of landscaped gardens continue to catch the eye of guests and we gladly accept the wonderful comments of how nice the property is looking. It is a credit to my part-time gardeners and their continued dedication to me and the property they are all so fond of.

In the interest of safety were are thinning out the aging trees that line the circular drive in entrance and in doing so we have engaged a very talented local wood carver. The Carver Ronnie Macdonald is creating master pieces out of the large stumps and all these will feature Scottish Wild Life found in the stunning area. The first one is of three playful Salmon (in the river Awe at the rear of our property) soon to follow will be an Otter, a Deer, Sea Eagle, Buzzard,  Pine Martin and a few surprises. Over and above the root standing stump carvings other gems will be strategically placed throughout the gardens, the first of which is a crafty wee Fox peering over a pile of rocks.

Hidden from the road at the rear of the Hotel South Facing is a beautiful relaxing beer garden where children can safely play while you relax, wine and dine and sun yourself in this wee Mecca tucked away in Mid Argyll, one of the areas best kept secrets.  There is being created a large fish Pond with a Bridge across it as yet another lovely feature.

Now you know, come see it for yourself we will make you as welcome as Santa at Christmas, as happy as a fish in water and as relaxed as a flag in a gentle summer breeze.

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